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Lisa Light, a famous American wedding planner, said: The era of environmental protection for everyone has arrived. A wedding in the name of love, not only love him or her and your little family but also love the earth and nature. In today's pursuit of low-carbon, green and sustainable consumption, "GREEN" wedding banquets are a fashion model. The use of compostable plates and cutlery for wedding at the wedding will definitely make your wedding more "green" and will also show your taste and style. Our company produces unbleached and bleached pulp compost tableware and also customizes a variety of cardboard plates for weddings, as well as simple cutlery and cups, which will definitely meet your wedding banquet catering needs.

Compostable Tableware Used In Wedding

Advantages of Compostable Plates and Cutlery for Wedding

  • The use of disposable degradable and compostable tableware for wedding banquets is not only romantic and environmentally friendly, but also more eye-catching than ordinary tableware, bringing a surprise dining experience to guests, more importantly, it saves a lot of manpower and material resources and does not need to spend extra money and time washing dishes. After the disposable tableware of our company is used up, there is no need to sort the kitchen waste. It can be naturally decomposed within 90 days after the landfill and can be composted to nourish the soil.

  • wedding banquet uses disposable recyclable and sustainable tableware, which is not only clean and hygienic, but there will be no hidden danger of cross-infection, and our tableware will not release harmful substances during use. Our compostable cups and plates for weddings can not only be heated at high temperatures and stored cold but also has the function of waterproof and oil-proof.

  • It is not easy to organize a wedding with the goal of "zero waste and zero garbage", but if the couple starts with disposable compostable tableware, I believe that "a wedding without garbage" will no longer be a fantasy.

Gallery of Compostable Tableware in Wedding

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