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Disposable degradable and compostable tableware is an environmentally friendly tableware that gradually replaces traditional plastic tableware. Disposable compostable tableware is a good choice for picnics and camping, because they are light and easy to carry, and do not need to be washed, using these tableware can make picnics and camping more convenient and environmentally friendly. Disposable compostable utensils are ideal for house parties such as birthday parties, family dinners, and outdoor barbecues, using these utensils to reduce cleaning and disposal time while protecting the environment. Restaurants and hotels are one of the main places where disposable degradable and compostable tableware is used. Using this kind of environmentally friendly tableware can reduce environmental pollution, and can improve the environmental protection image of restaurants or hotels and attract more consumers. With the popularity of takeaway and fast food, disposable degradable and compostable tableware is gradually applied to these places. The use of environmentally friendly tableware can improve consumers' environmental awareness and reduce the cost of restaurants or fast food restaurants.

Schools, enterprises and institutions can also use disposable degradable and compostable tableware. Students and employees can use this environmentally friendly tableware to enhance environmental awareness and reduce environmental pollution. Some supermarkets and retail stores have also begun to sell disposable degradable and compostable tableware for consumers to buy and use. The sale of such environmentally friendly tableware can bring more consumers to supermarkets and retail stores, and can improve the environmental protection image of enterprises . Some high-speed trains and aircraft have also begun to use disposable degradable and compostable tableware to reduce the generation of plastic waste and improve the company's environmental image. Disposable compostable utensils can be used for weddings, banquets, and other special occasions. They can provide a greener option while maintaining a high-quality look and feel.

Airline Dining
Airlines have recognized the importance of recycling and reusing cabin waste to reduce their environmental footprint, which is a global human responsibility and obligation to protect the planet. "Zero waste green travel" has become the slogan of major airlines, which means that all waste during the flight is recyclable, reusable or compostable.
One of the best things about camping outdoors is feeling like you are alone in nature and you are exploring the unexplored. However, due to the increasingly serious environmental pollution, protecting the earth has become the responsibility and obligation of human beings all over the world.
To solve the problem of kitchen waste disposal in catering services, it is necessary to use disposable green and biodegradable compostable tableware. Compostable means that kitchen waste can be composted together with the tableware, and there is no need to spend extra time on garbage sorting.
As the pace of life is getting faster and faster, many people like to cook, but don't like to spend time washing dishes. In order to solve this problem, many people will choose to buy some disposable tableware that does not need to be cleaned. But are disposable tableware safe? Which disposable tableware is environmentally friendly? Which eco-friendly disposable tableware is affordable? These are real issues that consumers need to consider. We recommend disposable bagasse tableware to you.
Delivery Service
Disposable compostable cutlery is increasingly used in the food delivery service market, mainly because they have a lower environmental impact and can reduce plastic pollution. More and more restaurants are using disposable compostable tableware to pack takeaway food. These tableware can be composted or recycled without polluting the environment.Many delivery companies have also begun to use disposable compostable tableware to package takeaway food. These tableware can be composted or recycled without polluting the environment.
Whether it is drainage and filtration systems, toiletries, bed sheets, or food and tableware, we must reduce our carbon footprint and purchase recyclable and reusable raw materials. Among them, the disposable degradable and compostable tableware supplied by our company to hotels around the world is produced from plant fibers, which can be decomposed into compost and reused after use, eliminating the possibility of polluting the environment.
Disposable compostable tableware is made from plant-based materials such as cornstarch, sugarcane, bamboo, and wheat straw, and is designed to break down in composting facilities, reducing waste and environmental impact. And is because they are lightweight, durable, and aesthetically pleasing, making them ideal for outdoor events, picnics, and barbecues. They are also affordable and easy to use, making them a convenient option for large gatherings. In addition to their environmental benefits, disposable compostable tableware is also a hygienic option for event catering.
Disposable tableware recycling, kitchen waste disposal, and whether to eat wild animals are all related to the service quality of the restaurant industry. Only by truly implementing environmental protection management can we shoulder the social responsibility of energy conservation and emission reduction. The disposable, degradable, compostable and recyclable tableware supplied by our company to global chain restaurants has already led the trend of change in the restaurant industry.
School Canteen
Disposable compostable tableware is made of natural plant fibers and does not contain any harmful substances, which can effectively reduce plastic pollution and energy consumption. At the same time, these utensils are also very convenient to use and can easily hold a variety of foods without breaking or leaking. Using disposable compostable utensils is not only good for the environment, it is also good for our health. These compostable utensils hold and insulate better than traditional plastic utensils to keep food fresh and warm. In addition, these tableware can also prevent chemicals from penetrating into our food and keep our food safe.
Disposable compostable tableware has become a popular alternative to traditional plastic tableware in shops around the world. The market application of disposable compostable tableware in shops has many advantages, including environmental protection, cost savings and customer satisfaction. Disposable compostable tableware is made from natural materials such as cornstarch, sugar cane or bamboo fibers, which makes it biodegradable and friendly to the environment. This means it can be broken down by microbes in the soil without leaving any toxic residue or harming the environment. This makes it ideal for stores looking to reduce their carbon footprint and promote sustainable practices.
With the successive implementation of the global "plastic ban" policy, ordinary people will no longer see plastic products in their lives. As world-renowned large supermarkets such as American Wal-Mart, Costco, Target, French Carrefour, German Metro, etc., online large-scale shopping platforms Amazon,, etc., have participated in the "Plastic Ban Action" many years ago, and put them on the shelves for sale. The degradable, compostable and recyclable tableware has subtly changed the living habits of ordinary people, allowing people all over the world to participate in the action of "protecting the earth".
Every couple hopes that their once-in-a-lifetime wedding will be unique and leave beautiful memories for themselves. Wedding planning is particularly important, from venue style, on-site decoration, floral design, gift cakes and wedding tableware, etc., but now couples are more and more advocating simplicity and environmental protection. The wedding no longer pursues luxury. For example, the tableware no longer uses exquisite porcelain sets, but chooses disposable degradable and compostable tableware, which not only saves wedding costs, but also contributes to the protection of the earth's green travel. This undoubtedly makes their wedding even more meaningful.

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