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The happiest part of every holiday is camping outdoors with family and friends, and a disposable camping set is up to the task. We have launched "Degradable and Compostable Camping Tableware", which can help you solve some of the waste left by your travels. This kind of tableware only needs to be buried, and it can be decomposed into fertilizer that moisturizes the soil within 90 days, re-nourishing the earth without producing any toxins. The raw materials for the production of this tableware are all renewable plant fibers, and the production process does not consume any non-renewable energy and does not add any chemicals. For a simple outdoor camping, we should follow some simple environmental protection tips to minimize the impact on the surrounding environment, such as using disposable biodegradable tableware, avoiding using outdoor water sources to wash dishes, and pack everything with you, leaving only compostable materials.

Compostable Tableware in Camping

Advantages of Compostable Tableware in Camping

  • Biodegradable and compostable tableware will not use non-renewable resources, and will not consume 200,000 barrels of oil every day like plastic products. Our tableware is made from bagasse left over from sugarcane sugar production with bamboo pulp, or PLA or cornstarch. All raw materials are renewable and will not consume any non-renewable resources.

  • The manufacture and incineration of traditional plastic products will produce greenhouse gases that have seriously affected the earth's ecology, but biodegradable products can be quickly decomposed into natural compost through natural processes under suitable conditions, and will not produce any toxic chemicals. To qualify as a "biodegradable" product, it must break down within 180 days. Our compostable products have higher standards than wholesale biodegradable products and can complete the composting process within 90 days.

  • Based on the above two points, is it more meaningful to use ecological and environmentally friendly disposable tableware for our outdoor camping activities? These tableware also have the characteristics of lightness, heating and refrigeration, waterproof and oil-proof, etc. After use, they only need to be packed or buried, and the garbage can be naturally decomposed and composted. But we have made an indispensable contribution to protecting the planet.

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