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Whether in various large supermarkets or online shopping platforms, consumers will be dazzled by all kinds of disposable tableware and don't know how to choose. From the consumer's intuitive impression, disposable tableware can be roughly divided into two categories: plastic tableware and paper tableware. However, with the implementation of the global plastic ban policy, plastic products will gradually withdraw, and paper tableware is becoming more and more popular. When consumers purchase disposable biodegradable tableware, in addition to observing the product quality itself, they also need to check whether the packaging labels are standardized. At the same time, for the sake of your own health, please buy from regular channels such as regular supermarkets or stores. First, the storage environment and sanitary conditions can be guaranteed, and second, the rights and interests of consumers are also protected. The raw material comes from bagasse after sugar cane is made into sugar. This is a medium-length fiber that can produce durable tableware without adding any chemicals while having the flexibility convenience, and environmental benefits of fully biodegradable compost. The most important thing is cheap!

Compostable Tableware for Consumer

Advantages of Compostable Tableware in Consumer

  • The "paper tableware" in the consumer's impression is actually derived from renewable plants and other natural materials, such as PLA polylactic acid, sugar cane pulp, corn starch, bamboo pulp and recycled paper. Among them, the tableware made of sugarcane pulp, bamboo pulp or cardboard is a real paper tableware in terms of feel and vision; however, the tableware made of PLA and corn starch feels very similar to traditional plastic products. But all these raw materials are biodegradable.

  • The tableware purchased by major supermarkets, wholesalers, traders, urban distributors and middlemen from our company and finally consumed by global consumers is 100% biodegradable, with microwave oven safe heating, refrigerator safe and water and oil proof properties can meet the needs of various consumers for family, party, camping and other activities.

  • Our tableware has been strictly certified, such as BRCGS/FSC-COC/BSCI/OK COMPOST HOME/KOF-K KOSHER/ABA/EN13432/BPI/FDA/REACH/ROHS etc., which are the highest certification standards in global or North American or Europe or Australia. Consumers don't need to worry about the safety of our tableware itself, you just need to choose the right product from a wide variety of tableware.

Gallery of Compostable Tableware in Consumer

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