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Shaoneng Group Guangdong Luzhou Eco Technology Co., Ltd.

The environmental protection awareness of "low-carbon travel" has been deeply rooted in the hearts of the people. More and more tourists travel and prefer green hotels. Therefore, green environmental protection is the eternal theme of modern hotel development. As a pioneer in the sustainable development of tourism, the hotel shoulders a glorious and heavy social responsibility. As one of the biodegradable tableware suppliers for green and environmentally friendly hotels, our company is very honored to supply tableware for cafeterias, conference restaurants, team restaurants, bars, coffee shops, room delivery, etc. to travelers all over the world. It is obligatory to promote the development of a "zero carbon hotel".

Compostable Tableware Used In Hotel

Advantages of Compostable Tableware in Hotel

  • The disposable biodegradable tableware that our company supplies to green hotels is made of sustainable plant fibers, such as bagasse, bamboo pulp, PLA or corn starch, cardboard, etc., which can be quickly decomposed into carbon dioxide and water after use, and penetrate into the soil or absorbed by plants without releasing toxic substances or producing a greenhouse effect.

  • The use of disposable biodegradable and compostable tableware in the hotel can not only reduce various infectious diseases, reduce the time and energy of cleaning, but also save cleaning water and washing supplies, and reduce environmental pollution to a certain extent.

  • In the current situation of rising labor costs, raw material costs, and energy prices, purchasing disposable, biodegradable, compostable, and recyclable tableware for hotels is a choice against the fierce market competition, and It is also a new low-carbon economic growth mode with low energy consumption, low pollution, and low emissions.

Gallery of Compostable Tableware in Hotel

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