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Shaoneng Group Guangdong Luzhou Eco Technology Co., Ltd.
What is compostable tableware?

Compostable tableware is made from eco-friendly raw material like plant fibre sugarcane bagasse and bamboo pulp, which can nourish the soil with 100% organic compost after single-use. Such compostable tableware supplied by Luzhou Pack has been the safest alternative to traditional disposable plastic food packaging. People all over the world using biodegradable food packaging is the purpose and goal of all employees in Luzhou Pack to  keep “green living” and save our planet. Types of disposable compostable tableware include clamshell boxes, round and square plates, food bowls, compartment trays, paper cups, PLA packaging, plant fiber cutlery and tissue, cardboard plates and so so, more details please go into

What are the advantages of compostable tableware?

The entire manufacturing process of Luzhou Pack does not contain any chemical material, and our disposable compostable biodegradable tableware is made from 100% natural plant fibre, that is non-toxic and does not discharge carcinogen and neurotoxin after heating.These compostable food packaging can decompose into nutritious matter in 90 days without releasing harmful chemicals into the soil. Manufacturing of renewable resources like bagasse and bamboo pulp that take less time to regrow means businesses can save more costs and our planet is pollution-free. Sugarcane bagasse food packaging produced in this way is no different from traditional plastic products, that also has the functions of oil and water proof, microwave and freezer safe. If you will like to get more information of compostable tableware, please feel free to go into to contact us.

Can bagasse be composted? How long is the decomposing period?

Yes, of course. Bagasse composting works through the alternating action of fungi, bacteria, and earthworms to break down and recycle organic matter to create a humus-rich soil amendment. Bagasse material forms a stable dark brown or black humus substance with a sour, earthy odour, that eventually returns to nature. Like other recycling practices, composting can have many benefits for the environment, agriculture, the economy and even the public. Generally, decomposing takes 90 days, depending on the environment, climate and soil conditions of the decomposition.

What is the difference between compostable and biodegradable tableware?

Biodegradation refers to being decomposed by bacteria, fungi or other biological processes. It is a natural development process that breaks down substances into their constituent parts. Many things are biodegradable, but we need to understand the time required for biodegradation. Of course, we don’t want tableware are stored in landfills for long periods of time. Composting is the process of taking organic material and allowing it to decompose and return to the soil to create fertilizer. It is a process of recycling organic waste for reuse. In a simple sense, disposable tableware must be composted within 90 days. If it exceeds 90 days, it is unlikely to be called compost, and it can only be biodegraded. If use a sentence to summary, it’s that all compostable tableware are biodegradable, but not all biodegradable products are compostable. If you are a protector of earth environment, please go into to get more details.

What kind of company is it? What products do you deal in? What’s the production scale?

We have been compostable tableware manufacturer with rich OEM/ODM experience since 2001, indicating to supplying sugarcane bagasse, bamboo pulp, PLA, cardboard, corn starch, paper food packaging all over the world. Product lines involve bowls, compartment trays, fruit trays, clamshell boxes, square containers, plates, cutlery, tissues and straws, etc. We have three production bases with annual production capacity up to 150,000 tons. More details, please click “Company Profile” in

Which countries are your main markets? Who are the main customers of your company?

We operate global business, except for some economically backward African countries. You can find our products in many countries. We mainly focus on the markets of developed countries in Europe and America. Of course, business in the Middle East and Southeast Asia has begun to catch up. Our products are so popular that even African distributors have started asking. We generally export about 300-400 40HQ containers to North America and Europe market every month. We cooperate with large global supermarkets such as Walmart, McDonald's, World Centric, Costco, Target, Hefty ect. There are also distributors, wholesalers, middlemen, trading companies, large online shopping platforms, overseas warehouses, etc. all over the world.

What’s the transaction terms and payment methods of your company? How long is the lead time?

Generally, our company adopts FOB or CIF terms by TT with our customers. There are stocks of conventional packaging products for bulk goods, and the delivery time is short. If there is no stock, it can be completed in about 20 ~30 days. If you need customized products, it usually takes 30~60 days, depending on our communication.

Are samples for free?

Yes, samples are free. However, our company requires customers to bear the freight to show the sincerity of cooperation between the two parties. If your needs are clear and the order quantity is sufficient, we will certainly try our best to support you.

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