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As we move towards a more sustainable future, bagasse plates are becoming an increasingly popular choice in the dining industry. Celebrated for their sturdy and durable qualities, along with their contribution to environmental conservation, these plates, made from sugarcane pulp, shine not only in restaurants and events but also in everyday life. Let's explore why bagasse plates are so fantastic and discuss some practical scenarios.

Luzhou offers bagasse meal trays that are equally impressive in terms of sustainability and value. These meal trays provide a practical and eco-friendly solution for various dining scenarios, from casual picnics to catered events, enhancing the overall dining experience while reducing the environmental impact.


Sturdy and Durable

Despite being made from plant fibers, bagasse plates do not compromise on quality compared to traditional plastic or paper tableware. They maintain their shape and stability in hot oil and hot liquids, making them an ideal choice for a variety of foods, from frozen desserts and hot soups to barbecued smoked meat.

Luzhou's sugarcane fiber plates demonstrate remarkable durability and reliability, surpassing the quality of traditional plastic or paper tableware. Their ability to maintain shape and stability even when in contact with hot oil and liquids makes them a versatile and suitable option for serving a wide range of foods, including frozen desserts, hot soups, and barbecued smoked meat, without compromising on performance or eco-friendliness.

Imagine a barbecue party where bagasse plates can perfectly hold all the delicious food, from hot steaks to juicy vegetables, without bending or breaking.

Champions of Environment


Bagasse plates are made from a by-product of the sugarcane processing, which is a great way of maximizing resource usage. Moreover, these plates are biodegradable and compostable, meaning they won't have a long-term environmental impact like plastic does. In a world increasingly conscious about environmental protection, choosing bagasse plates is a positive move that everyone can make.

For example, when hosting a large community event like a music festival or food market, using bagasse plates can significantly reduce the event's environmental impact, while also showcasing your sustainable ethos to participants.

Style Meets Function

Bagasse plates, with their natural look and feel, can add an organic and elegant touch to any meal. It's a refreshingly modern way to elevate your dining experience, whether it's a family dinner at home or a gathering outdoors.


Whether for environmental considerations or in search of a sturdy and versatile tableware solution, bagasse plates are a superb choice. They fit perfectly in every scenario, from holding hot steaks at a barbecue party to reducing environmental impact at large community events. Let's walk together into a sustainable future and elevate our dining experience a notch higher with bagasse plates.

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