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Wonderful moments of Shaoneng Oasis at domestic and foreign exhibitions in May.


The 10th Chongqing International Hotel Supplies and Catering Industry Expo

The 2023 Chongqing International Hotel Supplies and Catering Industry Expo will be held at the Chongqing International Expo Center from May 8th to 10th, 2023. The exhibition will focus on displaying kitchen equipment and supplies, desktop supplies, hot pot supplies and ingredients, room supplies and electrical appliances, smart hotels, Hotel engineering and design, cleaning supplies and equipment and other related products, the exhibition deeply introduces international brands and enterprises, and at the same time keeps up with the current domestic hotel and catering industry trends and national strategies. This exhibition also combines rich and diverse venture capital interactions and industry exchange activities , In the exhibition, we obtained cutting-edge information and development trend reports delivered by insiders in the hotel and catering industry.

The 10th Chongqing International Hotel Supplies and Catering Industry Expo.jpg

As the wind vane of the development of the hotel and catering industry in the west, the exhibition attracted buyers from the southwest region and international traders to visit and communicate. From the opening to the closing of the exhibition, there was an endless stream of visitors, and the Shaoneng Oasis exhibition area was very popular. Our company's unique environmentally friendly and biodegradable tableware has attracted many businessmen from various industries to stop and watch, consult and negotiate. The on-site staff enthusiastically explain products to customers, analyze the market, answer each customer's question carefully, and listen carefully to each customer's needs.

Our biodegradable disposable bowl was particularly well-received at the exhibition, drawing a large number of interested buyers and traders. Visitors were impressed by our company's commitment to environmentally friendly products and were eager to explore potential collaboration opportunities.

Hong Kong International Hotel and Catering Expo HOFEX

Hong Kong International Hotel and Catering Expo HOFEX

The Hong Kong Hotel Supplies and Catering Food Exhibition (HOFEX) will be held at the Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Center from May 10 to 12, 2023. It is the top international catering and hotel equipment trade exhibition in Asia. The total area of the Hong Kong Hotel Supplies and Catering Food Exhibition HOFEX last exhibition was 65,000 square meters, and 2,661 exhibitors were from the United States, Malaysia, Japan, South Korea, Spain, Brazil, Taiwan, Singapore, Dubai, India, Indonesia, Mexico, etc. The number reached nearly 40,000.

Hong Kong International Hotel and Catering Expo HOFEX.jpg

Participating in Hong Kong Hotel Supplies and Catering Food Exhibition HOFEX can more directly understand the development of Hong Kong and even the world's products and the specific needs of the market, which is conducive to improving the technical content of products, adjusting and improving the structure of products, and laying the foundation for the production of high-quality products. Hong Kong HOFEX is the best trade platform to enter Hong Kong.

The exhibitors of Shaoneng Oasis have made full preparations to serve every guest well, explaining professionally and meticulously, and serving every guest warmly and hospitablely. The professional marketing team provides professional services, showing a more comprehensive and comprehensive Shaoneng Oasis. Our hard-core product strength and brand advantages make Shaoneng Oasis booth crowded with people, and merchants from various industries are full of confidence in our high-quality products and future market development prospects.

The exhibitors of Shaoneng Oasis left no stone unturned in ensuring that every guest was well taken care of, offering professional and meticulous explanations while providing warm and hospitable service. The presence of our professional marketing team showcased the comprehensive and extensive range of our compostable serving platters. This resulted in our booth being consistently crowded with merchants from various industries who displayed great confidence in our high-quality products and promising market development prospects for the future.

World Food (Shenzhen) Expo ANUFOOD Chinab


ANUFOOD China World Food (Shenzhen) Expo is co-sponsored by Koelnmesse (Beijing) Co., Ltd., China Chamber of Commerce for Import and Export of Foodstuffs, Native Produce and Animal Products, and Shenzhen Retail Business Industry Association.


The scale of the exhibition is more than 40,000 square meters. Thousands of exhibitor brands will more comprehensively cover sweets and snack foods, meat, dairy products, fine foods, seafood and aquatic products, plant-based and health foods, coffee and tea, beverages ( Alcoholic and non-alcoholic), food and beverage technology, catering service and technology and other food and beverage industry chains. Professional visitors from retail supermarkets, hotel catering, e-commerce, KA/supply chain and distribution channels attended the exhibition. This exhibition is based in South China, comprehensively radiates the Southeast Asian market, and is a trade feast for dialogues on industries, sales, and catering.

Combined with the needs of this exhibition, Shaoneng Oasis brought an ounce bowl that is more resistant to low temperature and more suitable for ice cream, which has been favored by many dealers.

The 11th Arab International Paper, Tissue and Converting Industry Exhibition in 2023


Paper Arabia is the largest and most professional paper and toilet paper and converting exhibition in the Middle East. It is jointly organized by Arab Information Services and the Indian Printing, Packaging and Related Machinery Manufacturers Association. The exhibition is the only exhibition that includes suppliers, traders, agents, processing manufacturers, printing factories, and importers from the Middle East Gulf region, Africa, India, and Central Asia. It is also able to meet the needs of enterprises from raw materials to complex machinery, Equipment, technology, until the procurement needs of finished paper, tissue paper and cardboard products. The exhibition is also the largest and most professional event for paper, toilet paper and processing industry brands in the Middle East.


At the same time, China's household paper products and processing equipment continue to be welcomed by emerging markets such as the Middle East. Shaoneng Oasis also follows the market demand and the development of the times, and has launched regular tableware, film-coated tableware and spray tableware to meet different needs. Customer demand. In view of the Dubai Paper Fair and the needs of the Middle East market, Shaoneng Oasis exhibits include: a full range of environmentally friendly paper tableware products, bamboo fiber household tissue series, cardboard products, and biodegradable knives, forks and spoons.

The Middle East has become one of the important export regions for China's household paper and sanitary products. The development of the Middle East's paper industry largely relies on Chinese paper products and technical equipment. Shaoneng Oasis was established in 2001. Since the establishment of the first production base, it has been deeply involved in the field of ecological plant fiber product manufacturing for 22 years, providing customers with sales, technical consulting and design services, and its business covers the United States, Europe and Southeast Asia, while the Middle East Paper Arabia is a new starting point for Shaoneng Oasis to enter the Middle East.

The NRA Show


On May 23, 2023, the first stop of Shaoneng Oasis to participate in the American exhibition this year - The NRA Show in Chicago, USA, successfully concluded at the Chicago McCormick Exhibition Center. The net exhibition area of Chicago International Catering and Hotel Supplies Exhibition reached 60,385 square meters. There were 2,200 exhibitors from 50 states in the United States and more than 40 countries including Mexico, Canada, Australia, the European Union, Japan, and China.

Reappearing at NRA SHOW after ten years, Shaoneng Oasis, with a stronger brand strength, carries a variety of pulp molded tableware products and bamboo fiber household paper series under the Shaoneng Group, bringing greener, more environmentally friendly and novel products to the industry. environmentally friendly paper products. There was an endless stream of customers at the booth, all of whom were very interested in the products of Shaoneng Oasis.

Having made a remarkable comeback at the NRA SHOW after a decade, Shaoneng Oasis showcased its stronger brand presence by introducing a wide range of pulp molded tableware products and bamboo fiber household paper series, positioning itself as a leader in greener and more environmentally friendly paper products. The booth attracted a continuous flow of customers, all of whom displayed keen interest in the biodegradable tableware China offered by Shaoneng Oasis.


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