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Shaoneng Group Guangdong Luzhou Eco Technology Co., Ltd.

Renowned figure Galileo once stated, "All discoveries are lessons of experience. Only those who personally go through it can genuinely comprehend it." This insightful statement drives us to ponder on the omnipresent power of stories. Stories that inspire, widen our horizons, and direct our actions. Today, our firm, ShaoNeng Green Oasis, aims to share a story about our company, our products, and above all, our philosophy: a relentless commitment to environmentalism, engaging more individuals in this cause, and constructing a greener, better planet.

Bagasse tableware and Chinese Bamboo: The Tale of Eco-Innovation

At ShaoNeng Green Oasis, we derive our products from bagasse, a by-product of sugarcane, and Chinese bamboo. The use of bagasse reflects our commitment to repurposing waste and respect for ecological balance. China witnesses a tremendous production of sugarcane, but a significant portion of the bagasse generated goes to waste. We saw potential in this "waste," transforming it into a valuable resource through modern technological methods. This approach helps tackle environmental issues and promotes circular resource management.

Our biodegradable sugarcane packaging is a testament to our commitment to sustainable practices and environmental stewardship. By utilizing bagasse, we offer a practical solution that both reduces waste and promotes the concept of circular resource management.


As an old saying goes, "He who cultivates bamboo speaks not only of wisdom but of respect." Bamboo signifies resilience. Our choice of Chinese bamboo as a raw material stems from its inherent qualities and our reverence for nature. It's a rapidly renewable resource, so using it for our products curbs excessive logging and aids in air purification, easing the planet's burden.

Our products emerge from the intersection of bagasse pulp and bamboo pulp. These pulp-molded goods from ShaoNeng Green Oasis are compostable, returning to nature upon degradation, thereby nourishing plant growth as organic fertilizers.

We take pride in our compostable trays for food, produced by ShaoNeng Green Oasis. These trays not only offer a sustainable packaging solution but also contribute to the growth of healthy plants as organic fertilizers when they naturally decompose in composting systems. Our commitment to environmentalism goes beyond words, as we actively promote the use of these compostable trays to reduce plastic waste and support a more sustainable future.

Expansion and Growth: Leading Environmentalism Through Concrete Actions

With 22 years under our belt, ShaoNeng Green Oasis has evolved from a small-scale manufacturer to a national leader in the pulp molding sector. Our growth underscores our steadfast commitment. Here, each product embodies our responsibility and promise, reflecting our fervor and innovative spirit. Through our products, we aspire to narrate the tale of environmentalism, steering society towards a brighter future.

ShaoNeng Green Oasis safeguards the earth and its splendor through tangible actions. Our products are not merely items we manufacture but pledges we uphold. We're devoted to inspiring more people to embrace environmentalism, integrating it into healthier lifestyles. Green Oasis's intelligent manufacturing aims to enhance the planet's beauty. Through our actions, we strive to create a better tomorrow.


Harnessing Collective Effort: Achieving Green Sustainable Development

Some say the strength of a story lies in its ability to move us. We, however, believe in the power of a story to provoke action. Through our narrative, we aim to touch every heart, encouraging more people to join the environmental cause. We trust that every small change can accumulate into a formidable force.

This conviction and responsibility guide ShaoNeng Green Oasis's efforts in crafting products that tell stories of environmental conservation. Our products are not merely commodities; they're mediums of philosophies and conveyors of values. We focus on quality development and product assurance, understanding that only superior products can truly entrench environmental consciousness and achieve environmental goals. Environmentalism requires more than slogans—it calls for real actions.


Therefore, we not only strictly oversee every production step to guarantee product quality, but also advocate for green lifestyles during the product's lifespan. We hope that every user of our products feels our enthusiasm and determination, joining us in our environmental endeavors.

Through our narrative, we aspire to touch more hearts, sparking more actions. As we deeply believe, each effort can transform into a force propelling our society towards a brighter future.

This is the power of stories and our power.

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