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Dynamic Earth, located in the center of the World Heritage Site in Edinburgh, the capital of Scotland, is a five-star tourist attraction. Since its opening in 1999, Dynamic Earth has told the story of the planet through a variety of exhibitions and events, including the inner workings of the planet, the evolution of species, current challenges, and possible future problems. To meet its sustainability goals, Dynamic Earth uses compostable vegetable packaging at its food chain cafes, staff canteens and corporate events.

To align with its sustainability goals, Dynamic Earth has implemented bagasse food packaging across its food chain cafes, staff canteens, and corporate events. This eco-friendly choice not only showcases their commitment to a sustainable future but also provides visitors with a responsible dining experience in the heart of Scotland's World Heritage Site in Edinburgh.


Environmental Journey of Dynamic Earth

As early as October 2016, Food Chain Café of Dynamic Earth began to cooperate with Luzhou-pack to use environmentally-friendly catering disposables. With more than 200,000 visitors visiting Dynamic Earth each year, ditching traditional food service packaging is a critical step in reducing our impact on the planet.


"We started out with Luzhou-pack's bagasse cups, but as our relationship grew and we learned more about composting options, we introduced their products in our food range." Susan, Food Chain Café Manager, Dynamic Earth So said Paton.


Sustainable Packaging and Displays

Food Chain Café uses Luzhou-pack's custom printed double-layer hot cups, echoing the permanent volcano, rainforest and space exhibitions. The 8-ounce Space Cup was created to celebrate the 50th anniversary of the moon landing and the opening of a new Mission to Earth exhibit celebrating this historic milestone.


After being satisfied with the Luzhou-pack product quality and design, they decided to order sustainable alternatives to straws and cold cups in order to achieve their plastic-free goal.

Impressed by the quality and design of Luzhou-pack products, Dynamic Earth made the decision to order custom biodegradable tableware as sustainable alternatives to plastic straws and cold cups. This step helps them achieve their plastic-free goal and further demonstrates their commitment to creating a sustainable future.

Dynamic Earth: Towards a sustainable future with eco-friendly packaging

Participate in circular economy

Close the Loop is Luzhou-pack's own composting collection service for trade waste, through which customers are able to participate in the circular economy. Employees at Food Chain Café became enthusiastic about composting used single-use items.


The first step is to convert all single-use items to compostable, which not only simplifies the recycling process, but also minimizes waste pollution. To achieve this goal, Luzhou-pack and its distributor partner Alliance conducted a detailed product match, providing free samples to help caterers choose the right packaging for their "Taste Our Best" menu.


The Composting Results of Dynamic Earth

In its first 5 months, through Luzhou-pack's Close the Loop service, Dynamic Earth recycled 1.38 tons of compostable material, equivalent to the weight of more than 106,000 8-ounce double-walled cups or a small hippopotamus. In less than 12 weeks, Scottish farmland has turned this waste into nutrient-rich compost.

Through Luzhou-pack's Close the Loop service, Dynamic Earth successfully recycled 1.38 tons of compostable material within its first 5 months, transforming waste equivalent to over 106,000 8-ounce double-walled cups or the weight of a small hippopotamus into nutrient-rich compost. With the ability to process compostable cups in bulk, Scottish farmland quickly converts this waste into valuable resources within a short span of 12 weeks.


Environmental Education

Dynamic Earth: Towards a sustainable future with eco-friendly packaging

Training employees and educating consumers is critical for recycling to be successful. In the Food Chain Café and point-of-purchase areas, they used clear visual cues. "We received custom litter box signs and posters to educate our visitors," Paton shared.


ravalli cooperation

Dynamic Earth buys disposables through its reseller alliance. Their league reps are fully involved in the sustainable shift - helping to launch their new line of custom hot cups.


Leading the (Galaxy) Path

In addition to the café's ecological success, Dynamic Earth's in-house green team has implemented other measures to encourage internal sustainability, such as a bike-to-work scheme, the use of eco-cleaning fluids, and participation in the Refill app, which offers the public a Free water station.


As Scotland's education hub, Dynamic Earth has taken a leading role in promoting renewable, compostable materials. This not only demonstrates their commitment to environmental protection, but also serves as a powerful tool for them to educate the public and guide the public towards a sustainable future.

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