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Shaoneng Group Guangdong Luzhou Eco Technology Co., Ltd.

Birmingham's Midland Arts Center (MAC) is an innovative arts complex with an unwavering mission to reduce its environmental impact. The catering team turned their attention to Luzhou pack, which they found was one of the few brands that offered a wide range of eco-friendly compostable products.

As Birmingham's Midland Arts Center (MAC) aimed to reduce its environmental impact, their catering team discovered that Luzhou Pack stood out among the few brands offering a comprehensive selection of eco-friendly compostable products. They particularly valued our range of disposable compostable cutlery, which enabled them to enhance their sustainable practices while maintaining quality and convenience for their patrons.


Understanding the Unique Needs of MACs

The Art of Composting: Eco-Friendly Packaging for a Better World

Our waste management consultants are on site to gain a comprehensive understanding of MAC's specific needs. Not only did they arrange a dedicated compost collection, they also provided professional advice on bin placement, labeling and other related matters. Lizzie Moran, Director of Technical Services at MAC, applauds this:


"Luzhou pack provides MAC with a range of resources to help us clearly communicate to our visitors which products can go in the Luzhou pack bins. These resources include information on the composting conditions of the products, which is helpful for staff and those interested in the process It is a valuable reference material for the public."

The Art of Composting: Eco-Friendly Packaging for a Better World

From Packaging to Soil Conditioner: The Full Circle for the Environment

After the Luzhou pack is used up, it will not be discarded directly, but will be sent to a special facility for processing and converted into a high-quality soil conditioner. By improving soil, we can grow more crops and help the world meet the challenge of climate change by storing carbon in soil.


MAC's Environmental Achievements

Since the introduction of Luzhou pack products, MAC has not only successfully freed itself from traditional plastics that are difficult to recycle, but has also actively promoted sustainable working methods. Their pace of environmental protection has never stopped, and they continue to contribute to our earth.

Ever since integrating Luzhou Pack's biodegradable bagasse food packaging, MAC has not only eliminated the use of traditional plastics that pose recycling challenges but also established a culture of actively promoting sustainable practices. Their unwavering commitment to environmental protection persists, as they consistently contribute to the well-being of our planet through their ongoing efforts.



In our practice at MAC, we have seen how to achieve a complete environmental cycle from packaging to composting by choosing environmentally friendly packaging methods, utilizing waste management expertise, and adhering to sustainable working methods. It's an art of shaping a better world, and one that every organization and every individual can participate in.

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