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Shaoneng Group Guangdong Luzhou Eco Technology Co., Ltd.

At Luzhou pack, our commitment extends beyond manufacturing eco-friendly products. We also want to foster an understanding of the critical role industrial composting plays in reducing landfill waste.


Since our initiation in 2001, we've maintained a close relationship with the composting industry. We acknowledge that home composting can sometimes be challenging for many who lack gardening space or experience. Thus, we design Luzhou pack products primarily for industrial composting, with home composting as a beneficial secondary option for some of our products (Bowl, compostable tray).

Luzhou pack Dedication to Industrial Composting: A Sustainable Commitment

Understanding the Process of Industrial Composting

Industrial composting, or commercial composting Food packaging, is a large-scale operation undertaken by facilities worldwide. These businesses convert massive quantities of compostable materials, including garden and food waste, into compost.

At Luzhou Pack, we prioritize the sustainability of our corn starch food packaging by ensuring its compatibility with industrial composting processes. By collaborating with commercial composting facilities, we can collectively contribute to the efficient breakdown and transformation of cornstarch food packaging into nutrient-rich compost, fostering a closed-loop system that supports a circular economy.


These facilities process not just municipal garden waste, but also food waste from various sectors like restaurants and the broader food industry. For a better understanding of this process, consider watching this video on EnVar's composting facility near Cambridge, UK, detailing the Compostable Coalition UK's 14-tonne trial of compostable packaging.



What Happens in the Composting Process?

The process carefully controls moisture levels and regularly turns or rotates the compost. Naturally present microbes in the food and garden waste break down the biowaste into compost. This microbial activity generates heat, causing a well-functioning compost pile to steam.


If a facility processes food waste, UK rules require temperatures to reach at least 60°C for a specified duration to eliminate any toxins. Given the quality control at these facilities, this requirement is effortlessly met.


The compost's quality is crucial since it eventually nourishes agricultural fields. Several UK composting facilities adhere to BSI PAS100, a quality management standard ensuring strict standards and testing procedures.


The Many Advantages of Industrial Composting


Industrial composting boasts numerous environmental benefits:

1. Reduces Landfill Waste: It minimizes landfill waste and associated greenhouse gas emissions by composting organic waste.


2. Produces Nutrient-Rich Compost: It generates nutrient-dense soil amendments invaluable for gardening, landscaping, and agriculture.


3. Reduces Chemical Fertilizer Dependence: Using compost instead of chemical fertilisers can decrease our reliance on petrochemical products.


4. Enhances Soil Health: Compost improves soil health by aiding moisture retention, regulating soil pH for better nutrient absorption, and enhancing soil structure for optimal plant growth.


5. Boosts Local Economies: It supports local economies by creating jobs and generating revenue, promoting a circular economy.



Composting at Home vs Industrial Composting

While home composting is an excellent practice, not everyone has the required resources or expertise for it. The efficiency and scale of industrial composting make it the more sustainable choice for handling large volumes of food scraps, bioplastics, and organics. For some Luzhou pack products, such as our Luzhou pack Nourish moulded fibre and compostable bin liners, home composting is an option provided the product holds a home certification.

When it comes to biodegradable food packaging wholesale, considering the scale of operations, industrial composting proves to be the most effective and sustainable solution. While home composting may be suitable for certain Luzhou Pack products, such as our Nourish molded fiber and compostable bin liners, industrial composting offers the necessary resource management and expertise for handling larger volumes of organic waste in an environmentally friendly manner.


Why Luzhou pack?

All Luzhou pack products are derived from renewable, lower carbon, recycled or reclaimed materials. Once used, they can all be commercially composted with food waste where accepted. We uphold the industry's broadest compostability certification set, assuring that our products can be processed in the right facilities.


We are eager to provide advice on composting options, from trade waste collections and Luzhou pack Close the Loop service to onsite composting and a UK-wide post-back service. Every site, regardless of size, can explore these possibilities.


Join us on this journey towards environmental sustainability. Start composting your Luzhou pack today.

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