Shaoneng Group Guangdong Luzhou Eco Technology Co., Ltd.
Shaoneng Group Guangdong Luzhou Eco Technology Co., Ltd.

Pulp molded products are the main products currently sold by our company. Products on display at the exhibition also include tissue paper, industrial packaging, disposable tea cup sets, etc. All products have passed relevant certification and testing. Whether it is consumers' requirements for operating temperature or consumers' high-quality requirements for product quality, our products are capable and have excellent performance.

As a leading provider of pulp molded products, our company also offers a wide range of options to meet various consumer needs. From tissue paper to industrial packaging and even disposable tea cup sets, our product portfolio includes items like heatable paper bowls that are not only certified and tested but also excel in performance, satisfying both the operating temperature requirements and the highest quality standards of our valued customers.

At the exhibition site, Shaoneng Luzhou showed a one-stop solution for the plant fiber industry, which attracted the attention of many new and old customers from all over the country, and attracted many customers to come to consult in detail.

We fully demonstrated the comprehensive strength of our company in the exhibition. Through the display of exhibits, playing videos and the introduction of participants, we showed our latest products to the audience.

During the exhibition, we showcased the full extent of our company's capabilities, impressing attendees with our wide range of offerings. Through interactive displays, video presentations, and participant introductions, we proudly presented our latest line of custom biodegradable tableware, leaving a lasting impact on the audience.

It has attracted the attention and appreciation of many audiences and peers, and attracted customers to establish in-depth exchanges and cooperation intentions with us.

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August 14-16

2023 China International Paper Technology Exhibition

We are at the Shanghai World Expo Exhibition Hall


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Shaoneng Group Leiyang Cailun Paper Products Co., Ltd.

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2023 China International Paper Technology Exhibition

Shaoneng Group Leiyang Cai Lun Paper Products Co., Ltd. is located in Leiyang City, the hometown of Cai Lun, the first inventor of papermaking technology, one of the four major inventions in China. The factory has the characteristics of high degree of automation, environmental protection, and safety. The construction scale is 500,000 tons/year of household base paper, with a total investment of 3 billion yuan. The land area of the first phase project is 158.84 mu, and the total construction area is 67,217.4 square meters.

Product sales center on Hunan Province, with a radius of 500 kilometers as the key sales area, which can radiate an area of 800 kilometers. Further increase the development of the Greater Bay Area market and overseas markets.





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