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Shaoneng Group Guangdong Luzhou Eco Technology Co., Ltd.




During the time of struggle in Luzhou,

grateful to have you!

The years have witnessed the growth of every Luzhou person

Time engraves the trajectory of every Luzhou pack people's struggle


Birthday party in progress

First of all, the company's blessings to all the birthday stars. The company wishes every birthday star a happy birthday. I hope that everyone will continue to work with passion, work smoothly, and live a happy life. I also wish every colleague can shine and shine on the stage of Shaoneng Luzhou!


Eat cake

All the colleagues sang birthday songs for the birthday stars. Along with the birthday songs, everyone blew out the candles and made good wishes. Release passion with joy, release stress with laughter, enjoy the good time that belongs to us, and feel the warmth brought by the big family of Shaoneng Luzhou.


Birthday speech

And July 19 is the birthday of Mr. He, the assistant center. She has a lot of feelings, and she said very moved:

I joined the company in 2008, and I participated in, practiced and witnessed the growth of Shaoneng Luzhou. The company started from plant fiber products, and now it is a one-stop plant fiber product supplier, and I have also grown from an ordinary employee of the factory to the head of the quality department, and now the general assistant of the company's assistant center. In the past ten years, during the period, there have been hardships and joys with the company, and there have been setbacks and twists and turns.

I believe that through the efforts of all colleagues, we will live up to the group's expectations and contribute to the development of the plant fiber sector. Become a leader in the global pulp molding industry, commit to environmental protection, drive more people to participate, and create a greener and better earth.

With our dedication and commitment, we aim to become the leading provider of biodegradable cutlery wholesale in the global pulp molding industry. Together, let's inspire more individuals to join our mission towards environmental protection while creating a greener and better earth.


Game session

In a joyful atmosphere, everyone actively participated in the games of "Visiting the Three Gardens" and "Reporting Numbers". During the interaction, there were cheers, surprises, and gains, which made everyone feel the warmth and strength of the company's team.

In addition to the festive activities, our biodegradable tableware company embraced the spirit of teamwork during the interactive games of "Visiting the Three Gardens" and "Reporting Numbers". The joyful atmosphere, along with the cheers and surprises, strengthened the bond among colleagues and showcased the unity and energy of our company's team.

At the same time, I wish all the birthday stars full of endless happiness, warm memories, dreams come true, and everything goes well!


Every happy moment

Each photo

Have become good memories in my heart

I hope that in the days of struggle in the future

We continue to walk together

Happy birthday to the birthday stars of Shaoneng Luzhou in the third quarter

I also wish all my colleagues a better day every day!

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