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Shaoneng Group Guangdong Luzhou Eco Technology Co., Ltd.

The culmination of years of learning into one big day – graduation – deserves nothing short of a grand celebration! As we all know, besides the proud graduate, the star of any get-together is the food! Luzhou pack brings to you an array of eco-friendly caterware options to present mouth-watering platters and refreshing beverages that will impress your guests.

Graduation Gala: Eco-Friendly and Elegant


What sets our platters and mini plates apart is the inclusion of a lid. These lids ensure that the food remains fresh until it's time for the party to start. Join me as we navigate through the eco-conscious spread!


Our biodegradable sectioned plates are perfect for keeping different types of food separated, streamlining the clean-up process, and supporting the environment. The cutlery kits are prepackaged for hygiene and facilitate a smooth buffet experience.

Our biodegradable plates with compartments are not only practical for organizing different types of food but also contribute to reducing waste and the overall environmental impact. Additionally, our prepackaged cutlery kits ensure hygiene and offer a convenient solution for a seamless buffet experience at graduation galas, eliminating the need for single-use plastic utensils.

Graduation Gala: Eco-Friendly and Elegant


Adjacent to the plates, we used 3"x3" tiny trays with lids for individual servings of pigs in a blanket. Displayed in these containers, they exude a charm of elegance. We chose large clear bowls for salads to accompany them. For the dessert, we used a rectangular platter filled with cookies, cleverly made to look like mini diplomas by rolling them up and tying ribbons.


Our large round platters cater wonderfully to both sweet and savoury foods. Here, we displayed cupcakes topped with graduation caps made by piping yellow tassels onto white chocolate squares, looking splendid on our round white platter.


For the savoury treats, we used another round white platter to serve sandwiches wrapped in parchment, providing a vibrant contrast against the white background, making them look fresh and appetising.


A few more rectangular trays come into play for serving an assortment of fruits. Cutting them into fun shapes like hearts and flowers adds a special touch, giving them an edge over the cupcakes!

Graduation Gala: Eco-Friendly and Elegant


Our mason jars are a fun and eco-friendly way to serve drinks. The lids come with a hole for a biodegradable straw, and a gold tassel for each adds a cheerful touch. Interestingly, strawberry lemonade tastes even better out of these jars!


For any surplus lemonade, we used these lovely carafes with lids. The clear glass makes the drinks look incredibly inviting. These carafes are kept on standby in a stylish oval ice bucket.


Our table setup is completed with white and green floral arrangements. Fresh flowers always add the perfect finishing touch to any special occasion!


Graduation is a significant milestone, and it deserves a grand celebration! Let your creativity shine by serving their favourite foods on beautiful, eco-friendly partyware to make it extra special. With Luzhou pack, make your graduation celebrations easy, stunning, and memorable. Congrats to all the graduates this year!

With our compostable food containers available for wholesale, you can elevate your graduation celebrations to new heights. Showcase your commitment to sustainability while creating a stunning and memorable event for the graduates and their guests. Congrats to all the graduates this year and let Luzhou Pack help you make their graduation truly eco-friendly and elegant.


Products Used

  • 16 oz Bowl

  • 35 oz Cup with Lid

  • Biodegradable Paper Straws, Wrapped

  • 3"x3" Tiny Trays

  • 3"x3" Tiny Dome Lid

  • 64 oz Large Bowl

  • 18" Dome Lid with Nesting Ring

  • 12"x18" Rectangular Tray

  • 18"X12" Rectangular Dome Lid

  • Biodegradable 9"- 3 Section Round Plates

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