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National Ecology Day: A Call for Green

At the resolution of the Third Session of the Standing Committee of the Fourteenth National People's Congress, August 15th was officially designated as National Ecology Day. We encourage all units to actively carry out ecological civilization propaganda and education activities in innovative and diverse ways.


1. Background of Establishment: The Green Transformation


Since the 18th National Congress of the Communist Party of China, under the guidance of Xi Jinping's ecological civilization thought, our country has undergone a radical change in ecological environmental protection. The brilliant achievements of ecological civilization construction have attracted global attention, bringing tangible benefits to the people. "Green mountains and clear waters are gold and silver mountains" has become deeply rooted in the hearts of the people and has become a guideline for everyone.

2. Significance of Establishment: The Power of Green


The establishment of National Ecology Day aims to deeply study and propagate Xi Jinping's ecological civilization thought and awaken the ecological consciousness of the whole society. We hope that everyone can take action to protect our homeland and promote the construction of ecological civilization to a new peak.

As a responsible biodegradable tableware company, we fully support the establishment of National Ecology Day, as it aligns with our mission to promote sustainable practices and ecological consciousness. We encourage everyone to actively participate in protecting our environment and join us in reaching new heights in the construction of ecological civilization.

I. Save Electricity: The Bright Choice


1. Make full use of nature's gift. When natural light is sufficient, try not to use lighting.

2. Choose the right lighting fixtures and avoid using decorations that block light.

3. Turn off the power when household appliances are not in use. This not only saves electricity but also saves household expenses.

II. Save Food: Every Grain is Precious

Cherish food, starting with me. We encourage everyone to advocate frugality in daily life and cherish every grain of food. Participate in the "Empty Plate Campaign" and let us jointly maintain a frugal dining culture.


III. Green Travel: A Harmonious Journey

Green travel is not only a respect for the environment but also a love for life. Let's start with small things, choose green transportation, and bring more green and smooth traffic to the city.

Corporate Action: Green Transformation

Shaoneng Oasis has not only upgraded its hardware but has also achieved a green transformation in its production methods. We use natural gas and biomass energy to reduce carbon emissions and also promote the conservation and intensive use of resources.

As a leading biodegradable tableware company, Shaoneng Oasis has made significant strides in upgrading hardware and implementing sustainable production methods. By embracing natural gas and biomass energy, we actively contribute to the reduction of carbon emissions and advocate for the conservation and efficient utilization of our valuable resources. With our commitment to environmental stewardship, we aim to lead the way towards a greener and more sustainable future.

Technological Upgrade: Green Innovation

Products from Shaoneng Oasis are made from ecological plant fibers such as bamboo and sugarcane pulp. They are not only environmentally friendly but can also naturally degrade, truly achieving zero burden.


Youth Action: The Green Future

Under the guidance of Shaoneng Oasis, our youth team actively participates in various environmental protection activities. Through hiking, environmental propaganda, and garbage collection, they have made tangible contributions to the environment.

Brand Action: The Voice of Green

Shaoneng Oasis has always been committed to environmental protection. We promote the green concept at various exhibitions, hoping that through our efforts, more people will join the ranks of ecological protection.

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